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Professor David Schultz speaks at 8 different events during time in Malta

October 19, 2012
Professor David Schultz

Professor David Schultz

Professor David Schultz from the Hamline University School of Business at the U.S. Embassy spoke at 8 separate events, including at the Embassy to a PN audience, Centru Nazzjonli Laburisti and at the Faculty of Law as part of a speaker program organized by the U.S. Embassy in Malta on the U.S. Elections. 

Professor Schultz discussed a variety of topics related to the U.S. presidential election. He reviewed the election campaign and rules of politics, the ins and outs of campaigning, and the importance of the debates.  He also spoke about the different styles used by the candidates and their strengths and weaknesses. 

Participants engaged Schultz with a variety of questions, including election issues and election implications on U.S. - EU and foreign policy.

At the Faculty of Law Professor Schultz gave a lecture to over 200 students on US electoral law and answered questions about how the Executive Office supports the President, Federalism, and the Electoral College.