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Commandant of the US Coast Guard visits Malta

November 23, 2012
Admiral Robert Papp

Admiral Robert Papp

Admiral Robert Papp, Commandant of the US Coast Guard, addressed a joint session of IMLI and MEDAC on November 20 at the University of Malta. He was greeted upon arrival by Professor David Attard, director of IMLI and Professor Stephen Calleja, director of MEDAC.

After meeting each of the IMLI students individually and signing the guestbook, ADM Papp presented a lecture on the origins and missions of the US Coast Guard. He went on to suggest ways other nations might be able to use the scope of authorities held by the US Coast Guard to consolidate their nations’ maritime agencies and services.

Below is also a message issued by ADM Papp after his visit:

Thank you very much for the opportunity to address the International Maritime Law Institute students. It was a pleasure to discuss various maritime law issues with them and I'm thankful they asked such thought-provoking questions. 

I talked to several students during the reception and they were most appreciative.  But the Coast Guard benefitted a great deal from this engagement as well.  Many of your students will return to influential positions upon graduation, and I'm certain that Coast Guard officers will be among their trusted colleagues as they work together to implement IMO standards worldwide and "Serving the Rule of International Maritime Law.

Admiral Robert Papp, 20 November 2012